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Jesse Brodsky Discusses Lawyers of Distinction

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Jesse Brodsky is the current Head of Membership Services at Lawyers of Distinction. Jesse Brodsky’s primary role is to assure that new members are accepted every year. Lawyers of Distinction is a Florida-based company that recognizes attorneys who have gone above and beyond. To that end, it only works with the top ten percent of eligible lawyers from each state. The system is based on nominations which must be approved by an experienced committee. If accepted, nominees become the new members and get featured on company’s forum. Additionally, their practice gets included in the custom-made database for potential clients.

What do you love about working at Lawyers of Distinction?

I enjoy communicating with both sides, the clients, and the attorneys. Before working here, I mostly engaged in client interactions. Generally speaking, most attorneys that have their own practices work alone. Even if they have other partners, every lawyer will have individual cases. It is rare to see large teams of attorneys unless enormous cases are in question. So, my favorite aspect of my job is the ability to work with other Bar-certified professionals daily.

What does your typical day consist of and how do you make it fruitful?

Although it varies, I spend a lot of my time in meetings. We have many formal committee sessions to review applications regularly. Also, I do a lot of the marketing for our organization. That means that I must meet with representatives of various media outlets often. Lastly, I work with customers who have important feedback. Even though it is rare, sometimes that aspect of my job leads to meetings as well.

Where do you see your organization a decade from now?

I think that we can become a synonym for the top lawyers in the nation. If you look at our current marketing goals, we are trying to build a brand. The hope is to establish our organization as the number one provider of exceptional attorneys. That would enable us to target a particular audience while having a database full of superstar lawyers. Additionally, we plan to establish partnerships with other media outlets. That would achieve a lot of our promotional goals and branding will be easier to do.

Does the membership capacity limit the growth of Lawyers of Distinction?

Not exactly. It is a great question and makes perfect sense. So, people often misinterpret our top ten percent policy and consider it a limitation. In states where there are 20,000 active attorneys, per se, it means that we accept no more than 2,000. What it does not consider, however, is the number of new lawyers that start every year. So, our long-term growth is not going to be reduced. For example, consider a hypothetical state that will have 5,000 more attorneys next year. For us, that means another 500 spots available as the overall count went up.

Is there a fixed number of attorneys that you will accept yearly?

I would not call it a fixed number. We have the rule to stay under the top ten percent in every state. So, it is more like a “fixed” requirement that yields different amounts depending on factors. It ties back to the previous answer and the allocation method that we employ.

Is there a lot of competition in the fee-for-service market for similar enterprises?

Some companies do similar things I presume. Regardless, our business is operating for the most extended period out of any comparable enterprise. Additionally, we have a lot of marketing partnerships that are hard to compete with. The way that I see it, starting so early was our most significant success. Now, we turned our experience into a competitive advantage that others lack.

If you had to choose one thing that makes the membership worth applying for, what would it be?

That is probably the hardest question out of the ones asked thus far. Not because I do not know the answer, but because it is hard to settle for only one thing. We offer discounts, marketing, customer recognition, branding, tangible property, and more. In my personal opinion, I think that opportunity to grow is the main reason to apply. A lot of our success stories mention how our company helped increase the demand. If I had my own law firm, I would certainly enjoy getting more customers. It almost seems like that should be the ultimate goal of every attorney.

Any last-minute advice for new lawyers?

Be very ethical and treat every client courteously. Excellent customer service will lead to more work and self-development. Also, pick your associates carefully and only work with productive individuals. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your career!

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