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Interview With Rusty Tweed On His Professional Journey And Motivation

Rusty Tweed is the owner and President of Tweed Financial Services, a company that boasts of extensive expertise in financial planning, investment planning and wealth management. The company serves clients looking to develop individualized, sound and goal-oriented plans that can help them to secure a good financial future. Rusty Tweed has been sharing information about different industries and he hosts educational courses and seminars that cover different subjects including finance and investment strategies. Here is a preview of what he had to say about his professional journey and success.


How was the idea to form Tweed Financial Services conceived?

Between 1989 and 1990, I used to sell foreclosures, but when the real estate industry went down in 1991, I decided to move into advisory services and that is how Tweed Financial Services was born. I learnt that financial planning was in demand in the real estate industry because people were losing a lot due to lack of plans to manage their ideas. Focusing on buying and selling property is not all you need to succeed in the real estate industry. You need to have an overall plan that includes retirement and estate planning.


After what period did your business start making profit?

The first company I launched took a longer period of time to give me profit. However, my most recent endeavors earned profit after few years and this I think is because of the industry experience I have earned to allow me to manage affairs more efficiently. I have almost 25 years experience and with that you’d expect a good performance, which is why all the businesses I have been running are highly successful.


How do you build your ideas into working projects?

My success comes from holding on to details, so I always ensure I collect and analyze a lot of information. I have also subscribed to several newsletters, real estate analytics, economic forecasts and I attend conferences around the country to stay in touch with current trends in the market. With a lot of information, I am able to handle my ideas better and design them to match with the demands of the market at any particular point. This allows me to always run relevant ventures that cater for the demands present in the market.


What modern trends excite you the most?

Well, a lot has happened since the internet first came to life. Many tools have been created to make things easier, but nothing fascinates me more than accessing information through the internet. The internet has been a vital resource in my life as it offers all the resources one needs to learn about financial planning and business. It is impressive to see how many people have embraced useful ideas that help them to plan ahead with an aim to protect their financial future. However, due to the fact that the internet is not regulated, you need to be careful about the information you pick online. Anyone who can access the internet can post information, which leads to some crazy ideas that are not verified. Stick to known sources of information that are regulated by industry experts.


Given chance to start again, what things would you do differently?

That’s an interesting question. My biggest regret is that I delayed establishing Tweed Economics; maybe because I feared I would spread myself too thin. I would move first with this resource if I had a second chance, and this is because it has helped me to boost productivity each day. I believe it would be bigger now because I would have the resources needed to develop it to its highest capacity.

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