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Inovatec Systems Announces Michael Collins to Join the Company’s Board of Directors

Inovatec Systems, a leading software and data provider, announced today that it is welcoming Michael Collins to be appointed to its Board of Directors. According to Jim Case, Inovatec’s CEO, Collins brings with him experience in the areas of SAAS as well as the Auto & Powersports finance industries. Collins will serve as a board member and the new independent Director of the company. The goals of his new role include recognizing new market opportunities and helping to help meet the growing needs of the market’s demand.

Michael Collins brings with him 35 plus years of experience from the corporate world. His primary areas of expertise are in the software and automotive finance industries.  Collins co-founded Curomax in 2000. The Canadian-based technology platform connected automotive and home improvement dealerships to financial lenders to help end users receive loans. Curomax was acquired by DealerTrack Canada, Inc. in 2007. At the time of its selling, Curomax was the country’s biggest internet-based auto lending service.

Inovatec Systems was founded in 2006 by Vladimir Kovacevic. It is a leading software solutions company that helps provide digital lending products to its clients. Inovatec is most notable for its Compass Asset Finance (CAF) solutions, an innovative loan system with a wide variety of capabilities. Some of its features are, application API technology and a comprehensive layout for electronic document management. It also includes the Compass Direct Portal (CDP), a unique software portal that helps to create a seamless process of filling out and submitting loan applications.

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