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Colorbond Roof Repairs in Melbourne

Colorbond steel has been popular on Australian roofs since the first coil rolled out of the factory in Port Kembla, Woolongong back in 1966. Colorbond replaced galvanised iron roofing, but unfortunately a surplus of galvanised roofing screws meant that these were often used with the new Colorbond sheets. What this meant is that these roofing screws started to rust much sooner than expected, and if left in place could cause the Colorbond to rust as well.

Although this was quite a few years ago now, you can see still the results of using the incorrect type of roofing screw on many Melbourne homes, but all is not lost. Transforming your roof doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to go to the extreme of replacing your entire roof, with a little luck and the right contractor, you can get a beautiful roof with some careful roofing restoration work.

Repair Or Replace?

All roofs will fade overtime, although if you have a painted roof you will often find that the paint starts to chip and peel before it starts to fade. If you have a section of your roof that has rust, started to lift, is leaking or faded you may only need to repair that one section.

When you talk to your roofing contractor they will be able to advise you what your options are, as sometimes you will find that although there is only one sheet that seems to have weathered badly, often the rest of the roof is not far away from needing to be replaced.

If it is looking like your roof will need to be completely replaced very soon then it may be a better option to simply have your roof replaced now.

However, if your contractor feels that you should be able to get a few more years from your roof yet you may want to simply get them to repair that one section and restore the rest of the roof.

One of the common reasons you will find for a section of roofing needing to be replaced is that someone inexperienced has been walking on the roof, causing damage to the corrugation. Often this is when gutters have been cleaned. Standing on the wrong place of your corrugated iron roof can mean that dips have been created which can cause tiny fractures to appear in the paint, and as this also allows water to pool when have cracks in paint and excess water you will probably see an increase in rust.

The other common result of standing on a roof in the wrong place is bending the iron sheet so that it no longer fits flush next to its counterpart. Again, this will cause leaking and water built up. In this instance you may first learn about the damage to your roof during a storm when you suddenly get a shower in your loungeroom.

What Is Involved In Roofing Repair and Restoration?

In order to restore your roof back to its original glory first any issues will need to be fixed. Rusting screwed will need to be removed and replaced with the correct Colorbond screws, and this can be a surprisingly big job. Any rusted sheets will also need to be replaced, as well as capping or flashing.

Often when your roof is at the stage of needing a bit of TLC, your gutters are well beyond usefulness, so you may find that a full replacement of your guttering could be required. If this is the case you will want to ensure that the backing boards have not developed any rot, but hopefully you will have got to the gutters before this happens.

Once the repairs have been completed and any leaks patched up, your roofing contractor will be able to clean your roof with a high-pressure cleaner and repaint it.

Generally, they will use a spray compound with long life under the intense Australian sun. Most contractors will be able to colour match if you like, however if the entire roof is going to be repainted then this could also be the perfect opportunity to change the colour. Although fashions change, even for home decoration, it is a good idea to try to stick to relatively neutral tones so that you don’t date your home. Neutral colours also mean that you are going to have an easier time choosing house paint colours.

Of course, before the actual colour gets applied hopefully your roofer will first apply a metal primer in order to protect the surface and increase the longevity of the paint. Afterwards they will generally apply at least one coat of sealer, although these come in a variety of options depending on the surface, roofing position and requirements. Some of the more modern technology will allow for a thermal coating which reduces the temperature of your roof – which may increase the life of your roof.

Why Restore A Colorbond Roof?

Roofing restoring is usually going to be the cheaper options, but more importantly it is going to cause less interruption to your daily life. If you replace your roof you will obviously need to have the current roofing material removed first, which although when done by professionals doesn’t take long, it is still an interruption most homeowners would prefer to do without.

Restoring your roof can also add years to your roof and increase the value and desirability of your home. There is something about a fresh roof that really gives new life into a house.

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