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Colin Reilly’s Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value Before a Sale

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Colin Reilly is the President of Townsend Kane, a real estate investment firm. With his insider industry knowledge, he is able to provide advice for homeowners who are interested in selling their properties. There are many concrete steps that can be taken to ensure the highest possible selling price, from cosmetic updates to simple sales tactics. With these tips in mind, homeowners can maximize the growth of their investment while helping their home sell more quickly.


Increase Curb Appeal

When a buyer first arrives at your home, they will get their first impressions from the appearance of your door and front yard. Make sure that your landscaping is neat and tidy. Try to match or surpass other homes in your neighborhood. Planting flowers is an easy way to increase your home’s resale value. If your front door looks dull, give it a simple coat of paint. This will make your home look welcoming.


Upgrade the Kitchen and Bathroom

Real estate appraisers know that the kitchen and bathroom, if neglected, can drive down the value of your home. However, you don’t have to do a complete custom remodel to increase your home’s value. A moderate remodel, like updating countertops and floors, may be enough to make your home appealing to potential buyers. Update fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom for best results.


Keep it Neutral

Make sure that your home has neutral interior paint. When people visit a home for sale, they often try to picture their own furniture in place of yours. Having distracting paint or wallpaper may take away from the home buyer’s desire for the house. This is an easy and relatively inexpensive fix that will help you with your resale value.


Make Necessary Upgrades

Many prospective homeowners are concerned that a new house may need too much work. Replace water heaters, furnaces, or appliances that are close to the end of their lifespan. Having newer fixtures in the home will give the prospective buyer reassurance that they are not walking into a situation where they will need to spend a great deal of money on upgrades.


Energy Efficiency

Many modern home buyers are greatly concerned with energy efficiency. Making a home energy-efficient is not necessarily an easy fix, but it should pay for itself in home value down the road, especially if you plan to live in the house while it’s on the market. Make sure that the windows, doors, and insulation are all current. Have your home audited by your local energy company to see where you can make changes.

Installing solar electricity systems or a geothermal heating system can make your home more attractive to environmentally conscious buyers, as well as those who are looking to save money on their utility costs.


Square Footage

Increasing a home’s square footage is an expensive proposition, but it pays off greatly in the resale value of a home. Converting an attic to a bedroom or finishing the basement gives more usable home space without having to do major construction. Additions can help to increase your home’s value.

If you can’t add square footage inside, consider a porch or deck. This will give your home more living space and make it more appealing to prospective home buyers.


Stage Your Home

When you have finished making the necessary upgrades to help your home sell quickly and for the greatest possible price, consider staging your home. Take away all of the overly personal items, giving buyers the chance to imagine their own things instead. Make sure the house is immaculately clean and free of clutter. It is best to contract with a professional home stager to increase your home’s resale value.

Consider these seven points from real estate professional Colin Reilly when you are preparing to sell your home. Paying attention to the small details of your home, as well as large upgrades, can help your home’s value rise and ensure that your home is well-received on the market.

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