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Clay Advisors Shares 8 Unique Ways to Save Money This Year

Here's how to save money effortlessly this year.

One thing many people do at the beginning of the year is try to find ways they can save money. Unfortunately, many have tried in previous years and don’t do well with traditional methods. The good news is that there are some creative things you can do to try and help you with your saving, as told by professionals like Clay Advisors. Here are 8 unique ways you can save money this year.

Secondhand/Thrift Stores

Regardless of how many clothes you have, there’s going to come a time when you’re going to have to buy more. This can get quite expensive and can make saving money hard. To help minimize how much you have to spend, you can try shopping at thrift stores or secondhand stores. Many times, they have pretty nice clothes for a fraction of the price. Sometimes, you can even find a brand name without having to pay a huge amount of money they normally cost. They also tend to have a wider selection than traditional stores, so you might end up finding something that you absolutely love and can’t find anywhere else.

Envelope System

Another creative way to save money is by trying out the envelope system. Basically, this system makes it so you’re only using cash. You pull out the money every pay period and then divide it up into different envelopes. Each envelope will be labeled for a certain expense, such as groceries, house payment or gas. Since you won’t have any money to fall back on, you’ll be able to budget better and spend a little more frugally. If you don’t spend all the money in an envelope for the pay period, you can use the remaining to add to the balance for the next pay period. This could also work out if one of your bills happens to be bigger than you expected because then you can take some of the extra from your other envelopes to cover it.


The purchases you have to make every month to care for yourself and your home might not seem like much, but they can add up quickly. To help make the out of pocket cost less, you can try making some DIY products. For example, you can clean many things with baking soda, apple cider vinegar, dish soap or hydrogen peroxide. You could also make your own personal hygiene products, such as face wash, body wash, toothpaste or facial scrub. The great thing is that most of the ingredients you’ll need to buy for these will be big enough to let you make the product multiple times.

Save Water

Bills come every month and one that is usually pretty high for most people is the water bill. The good thing is that there are a few things you can do to help make your bill smaller. For starters, taking shorter showers will help because you won’t be using as much. You could also choose to turn the water off while you’re doing things like brushing your teeth or washing dishes. A good thing to think to do is turn the water off whenever you don’t absolutely need it.

Wednesday Shopping

Many times, you’ll be able to save a decent amount of money if you shop on Wednesdays. The reason is that this is the day when most stores roll out their new deals. Not only will you get the first pick of the products, but many stores will still honor the deals from the previous week. If you pair that with stores that let you double up on coupons, you have the potential to save quite a bit of money. Keep in mind, different stores will have different rules, so you want to make sure you find out what they are before you need to go shopping.


If you have the means and connections to barter, then you should try it out. There are many people out there who would be willing to trade their goods or services for ones that you have to offer. For example, you could talk to one of your friends and see if they’ll do your hair if you babysit their kids. If you live in a rural area, you could talk to a neighbor that has chickens or cows and trade milk or eggs for your services. Being able to do this will result in you not having to buy those things every week and it will save you some decent money over time.’

Inconvenient Bank

You could also save some money by banking at an inconvenient bank. If your bank is located in a convenient spot, it’s so easy to run to the atm and pull money out. This can end up making you short or putting you in debt. On the other hand, having a bank that isn’t convenient means you’ll only be able to go once or twice, which will lead to less spending. Choosing one of these banks can actually help you budget and conserve your money much better.

$5 Trick

One final thing you could do is try out the $5 trick. Every time you get a $5 or break one, you put the amount in a container at home. You do this for the entire year and you’ll have that extra money that you saved. It might not seem like a big deal or like it would add up, but it really does after a while. Keep in mind, you don’t have to only do this with $5 bills. You could do it with pretty much any bill you want. Just keep putting whatever you choose in the jar and your balance will add up.

If these ways still aren’t helping you much, you can talk to professionals like Clay Advisors. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little help if you need it and the most important thing is that you’re meeting your goals and doing what you can to save the money you need to.

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