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Brian Setencich

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Brian Setencich is a business leader in the San Francisco Bay area.  As a General Manager with First Service Residential, he is involved in the daily management of rental properties and homeowners’ associations throughout the area.  He manages a skilled staff of property managers and a central office that supports their work.  His company helps property owners increase their profits while assuming the responsibilities of managing the physical developments as well as the governing documents associated with them.

Brian Setencich has extensive experience in state and local government.  His government experience makes it possible for him to manage the regulatory aspects of running a business.  He has been a City Council Member in Fresno and a CAvState Assemblyman. Both of these positions involved managing staff and dealing with business needs and constituents’ concerns.

Setencich’s educational background gave him a firm foundation upon which to build his business career. He graduated summa cum laude from the California State University – Bakersfield and received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management.

Setencich is also deeply involved in the community.  He has been the Donor Research Coordinator for the Children’s Hospital of Central California. He is also an animal lover who volunteers with various rescue organizations and shelters in the area.  After college, he played professional basketball in Europe.  Setencich’s breadth of experience in business, government, and community service make him a valued member of the Bay Area business world.

What attracted you to the property management business?

I began working in property management because I felt that my skills and experience would help property owners with the daily aspects of running their business.  I first gained experience in the commercial sector as the Facilities Manager of Market Square in San Francisco.  I helped manage their 1.5 million square foot facility while encouraging new businesses to locate in the complex. Twitter recently moved into the facility.

Please describe your educational background.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management from in California State University – Bakersfield.  I learned many valuable lessons in business school, and I have been able to apply them to all aspects of my working life.  I look back on my time at California State University – Bakersfield as a formative period in my life.

How do you market your business?

A lot of leads are generated by “word of mouth.”  A personal relationship with property owners goes a long way toward attracting new business.  When a development is interested in learning more about how FSR can help them; a complete presentation is provided.

Why do your customers choose your firm over the competition?

We have the best combination of service and price.  Our company provides services to commercial and residential developments as well as their owners associations. One aspect that sets us apart from the competition is our emphasis on community.  We foster community involvement by sponsoring events and get-togethers.  We believe that strong communities are associated with people taking pride in their homes.

What is your management style?

Collaborative and encouraging.  I am not a micromanager. I believe that my employees are trustworthy and can handle their jobs without me looking over their shoulders. I hire responsible adults, and I believe that treating people as if they are competent encourages them to be more independent. I am always open to questions, but I prefer to manage my own time conservatively.

What are some things that you love?

My family is extremely important to me.  I believe that strong family connections are crucial in this world.  My family also includes my cats and dogs.


My animals mean the world to me. I enjoy taking care of them and bringing them to as many places as possible.  I’d love to work in a place where I could bring my dogs.

I love volunteering in the community and bringing my business skills to various nonprofit organizations.  I am a skilled fundraiser who has worked with the Children’s Hospital of Central California. I also volunteer for animal rescues.  When people think of Brian Setencich, I want them to think about what I’ve contributed.

Outside the office, what do you do for fun?

I enjoy exercising and reading.  I was a professional player in Europe after I graduated from college and I still enjoy trying to stay in shape.  I enjoy running and cycling.  Exercising clears my mind and gives me time and space to think.

What is your favorite TV show?

I enjoy “The Office” re-runs as well as Jeopardy.  Jeopardy questions test my knowledge on many topics.

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