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Ballast Associates Discusses Options Available to Startups Who Find Themselves in Too Much Debt

What to do if your startup is drowning in debt

Having a startup is one of the rewarding things you can do as an entrepreneur. However, this rewarding experience may also come with its own set of risks. As a business owner, your goal must be to maximize your profits while reducing your liabilities. You may be wondering, what are some ways to succeed in this?

Raising capital as an entrepreneur

If you have an idea for a startup and you need some funding to make your business grow, there are many options to choose from. Each option has its own set of pros and cons, and what you choose depends on your risk tolerance and ability to pay off the loans you may wish to take. According to Ballast Associates, a well known financial advising company, below are some of the most common ways business owners get capital for their startup:

Venture capital

Finding a venture capital company can be a great way for innovators to find funding for their startup. Most venture capitalists find businesses that have great potential in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) industry. You can propose your startup idea by writing or visiting venture capital companies for a presentation. When they assess your idea and see that it has high growth potential, it is likely that they will provide you with enough capital in exchange for a share in your company.

Credit card

Now, business owners have the option of funding their idea through credit card loans. Credit card loans are easy to apply to as long as you have a good credit standing. You also have a multitude of banks that offer this option, and you may get an advantage of 0% for banks where you already own a checking or savings account. Business credit cards are also available for expenditures over a high credit limit.

Business loans

Government agencies such as the Small Business Association (SBA) or even private institutions offer entrepreneurs loans for their startup. For example, SBA connects the entrepreneurs to lending partners within the same niche. Depending on the type of business you have, you can get loans amounting from $500 up to $5.5 million. There are eligibility requirements and you have to pass these in order to get loan approval.

Family and friends

Another option for business owners is seeking help from family and friends. There are many websites nowadays that allow many users to provide quick monetary contributions to various causes such as hospitalizations, scholarships, and charity donations. These websites can also be used by entrepreneurs to fund their business by reaching out to family and friends. There is a great potential to raise capital as these websites will allow you to share your funding page.

Being stuck in debt as an entrepreneur

Now that we have gained insight about capital funding options, let us go into having debt as an entrepreneur. Why do people start businesses? Some say having a startup means materializing an idea and fueling it with passion. However, passion isn’t only the sole element needed for a business to succeed. Ballast Associates emphasizes the importance of combining passion and profit for a successful business.

When you’re passionate about your startup but you don’t find ways to increase your profit, you may end up in a cycle of debt that will lead you to file for bankruptcy and eventually close your business. What are some solutions for entrepreneurs stuck in debt?

Solutions for entrepreneurs stuck in debt


Debt consolidation

This option allows business owners to compile all their debts and place it into a single low monthly payment. Many debt consolidation companies offer this option at competitive interest rates. If you can’t seem to manage the amount of debt you have in your business, this can be a long-term option for you.

Assess your cash flow

Another option to have more of your income allocated for debt reduction is assessing your cash flow. In a list, you can determine all your income and expenses. See which expenses you can do without so that you can allocate that remaining cash for debt reduction.

Have an efficient payment system

Some business owners get stuck in debt due to inefficient payment systems. If there is a way to get your consumers to pay as soon as possible, this may allow you to put in more of your income in debt reduction as well.

Raising capital and getting out of debt are some of the biggest challenges that startup owners face. With these strategies, entrepreneurs are one step closer in experiencing their startup success

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