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LeighAnn Heil on: Coaching Success, “Leveling Up”, Being a Rebel and Getting Visible

If you’ve ever wanted to grow your business, increase visibility and have crazy success as an entrepreneur, LeighAnn Heil is the go-to business coach for that! I recently had the distinct opportunity to chat with LeighAnn about her coaching services and success. Read our conversation below, to learn about her amazing journey and expert tips for startups.

1. Hi! Can you tell us about yourself and the services that you provide?

My name is LeighAnn Heil and I am a business and mindset coach. I empower apprehensive, renegade entrepreneurs to get visible and find their ideal clients, so they can live the life of their dreams!

2. What inspired you to want to coach and help entrepreneurs?

Well, I used to be a bit of a fighter. However, being creative took away my anger, so I started my career as a stage director.

I remember the environment was pretty toxic, not many compliments, mostly the management was mad and stressed out!

One day, I told my boss, “We’re doing a Riverdance-celtic dance number!”

She discouraged me. “You can’t do that!!”

I told her, “Watch me! You’re going to remember this conversation because we’re going to do this act!”

The show was a huge hit, and the Riverdance act was the showstopper.

The opening night, my boss pulled me aside and said, “You were right-that was so good! I can’t believe you pulled that off!”

I said, “Well, that’s the big difference between you and me; I always believed it!”

I helped my performers believe in themselves, and they achieved greatness. It felt different. It felt GREAT… Something switched that day. Like the Grinch who stole Christmas, my heart grew three sizes!

I thought maybe, just maybe, belief is more important than anger, courage is more important than anger, and you can be brave and passionate without getting mad!
Afraid, apprehensive, discouraged entrepreneurs needed support, confidence, courage and clients. If anyone could lead them past their fear and anger, I knew I could.

I’d been angry because I was afraid. Afraid of never realizing my dreams. Afraid I would never live the life I wanted.

That toxic work environment was killing me! So, I quit and became an entrepreneur. My business was scary and risky- but exciting too. I could manage my destiny myself!

I kept thinking, maybe I can’t do this. This is too much.

Then, I’d think, what if my life’s calling was to help others find their confidence? Could I deny that calling?

My fighter spirit mellowed. I realized softness wasn’t a weakness, and real strength doesn’t come from anger.

I started a marketing and promotions business. The business grew slowly, and I had no idea what I was doing! I found my courage and stepped out anyway.

The business brought out my generous, natural spirit. I was helping other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams! Ladies would book my coaching then ask me, “Can you really help me grow my business? ”
I was so happy to reply, “Yes, you’ll see! Just watch me!”

My marketing business was growing. I started my country Americana band, Good As Gone.

We had no audience. Zero exposure. However, I believed in our success. In my mind, in my heart, I was still thinking, “Just watch me!”

Within a year, we had a licensing agency, booked out gigs and tours, an original album, a promoter, and charted on billboard Americana charts. Nine months later, I won an International songwriting competition- featured in marketing for Bordeaux wine council.

This time it was flowy and fun.
Less fight and more focus.
Less defiance and more action.

I discovered that when I let my natural courage and lighthearted humor take over, big things happen for my business. I realized my life’s purpose was never about performing!

My real purpose was helping others to realize their dreams, showing them how to embrace their own rebel, their personal courage, and helping them get noticed and be seen.

So, I began coaching lady entrepreneurs again. These women needed someone to recognize their strength, bravery, and business potential.

They needed someone to believe in them.
I could help these brave, rebellious ladies change their business and income. I also knew they would change the world.

3. Why is online visibility so important for startup business owners?

Online business visibility is important because otherwise, no one knows you’re there! How can you buy from a business who hides their products and services?

By 2020, businesses will need to get on most of the social media channels. They’ll need to get on video (platforms) because the market is more and more saturated every day. I’ll tell you a secret; most of the small businesses won’t make it. They won’t make money, and the biggest reason they won’t make money is because no one knows about them!

Visibility is a complicated way of saying, “Get seen and be heard.” No one buys what they don’t know about!

If Apple computers launched the iPhone and kept it a secret, Steve Jobs would have been fired for the second time and an Apple would just be a fruit. If no one played Adele’s music on the radio, would we all know the lyrics to “Halloo from the outsiiiiddeee?” (Yes, I sang that in my mind!)

No successful entrepreneur became successful by hiding. You have to get people to notice you. The eye buys what the eye sees!

You need your face, your live videos, your content and your mission visible every day.


4. Your website is very motivational (awesome)! For anyone who might not know, what does it mean to “level up”, and how do your services help entrepreneurs achieve this?

Leveling up means moving to the next level in your business. This can be moving from no clients to booked out clients, or it could mean you have clients, but not consistently. The next level for some entrepreneurs is choosing a different type of client and increasing their pricing, putting together packages for groups, and selling passive income courses.
Being seen by your ideal client is the only way to sell, so visibility and messaging are also extremely important.

My method is through several channels.

1. Coaching. I’m a Life Coach, Solutions Coach and Business Coach. I help entrepreneurs set big goals and help them formulate tactics to achieve their goals. A coach is a great way to jump-start your business because they listen to your dreams and help you implement your plans to achieve them. They are also a cheerleader, accountability partner and strategist. They’ve been where you are and know the way through.

2. Visibility. I help people get visible in the right ways, through the right mediums. I show entrepreneurs how to gently start doing video in a non-intimidating way, working through their inner-critic fears. Once they build confidence, they step out into bigger venues, podcasts, guest blog posts, guest spots on other’s shows, even producing their own podcast and developing a YouTube channel. By the end of our 1-1 coaching, my clients could speak in front of hundreds of people with calm confidence!

3. Streamlined content. I teach my clients how to build out their content in a few hours, streamlining it to fit their target audience.

4. Messaging. Many entrepreneurs believe they are not “getting in front” of their ideal client. What they really don’t realize is their messaging isn’t connecting with their ideal client!
We’ll hone-in on the correct messaging and figure out who their ideal client really is. Then, we’ll use targeted strategies to reach their audience with irresistible content!

5. Mindset. Believe it or not, the most important part of coaching is mindset! I help each client master their mindset to step into their next level of success. We remove the things holding them back and help them align their values to their business.

6. Booking clients and selling. Everyone wants the key to success for booked out clients! We work on finding the right clients and closing them before the sale happens! Those clients are primed and ready to buy before they ever hit your inbox or discovery calls! There’s a technique to booking more clients!

5. Biggest challenges you’ve faced in your industry?

The biggest challenge is to convince coaches they don’t need fancy funnels to start. The easiest way to start is simply to get seen, offer value, nurture relationships and tell people what you’re doing!

6. How did you overcome those challenges?

I’m working on changing the paradigm, but most coaches believe they are not credible when they begin! So, I don’t believe I’ve fully changed thought processes in the industry, but I’ll keep trying!

7. What is one of your favorite motivational quotes?

I’ve always liked “Let it go.” However, a certain ice queen ruined that for me. (Thanks, Elsa!)
Now, my mantra is “Everything you can imagine is real.” I like this mostly because I love doing affirmations in the present tense. If you want a million dollar business, start by saying, “I own and operate a million dollar business, and I love my work!” Since our subconscious mind doesn’t distinguish between dream and reality, our mind believes it, and we bring it about!

8. One goal you’d like to achieve in the next 12 months (can be personal, professional or both)?

Of course, I’d like to level-up in my own business; I’m writing a book and getting visible! I’d like to serve as many apprehensive entrepreneurs as I can! I’d like to move my business to 50k months and help as many entrepreneurs as I can achieve the same results, giving them freedom and security while allowing them to live the life of their dreams. This is so much better than being chained to a desk, while enriching corporations (at the expense of their calling)!!

I’d like to nourish relationships, meet new people and travel more, but my big motivation this year is to retire my husband. He works in corporate and wants to be an executive coach!

I’ve started writing a motivational album with hip-hop type dance songs (like Sia, Demi Lavato, stylings) and would like to get that recorded in the spring. That album would be album number 6! It’s exciting to know I’ve produced and written so much material.

I’m currently finishing up my 1st solo album, but have 3 motivational songs already prepared for my next solo stint! I’d like to give it as a gift to my VIP clients and perhaps motivate more men and women to follow their dreams!

And I know you said one goal, but I’m a rebel and a renegade myself!


9. Any parting expert advice for entrepreneurs?

Say “yes” more! Get on the phone with prospective clients and give them massive results. Hire a coach and invest in yourself. If you don’t naturally have a large email list, try Facebook ads to get folks into your group and then serve them; 5 bucks a day will fill your group with a tribe of raving fans! When you build, start offering your 1-1 services and after you have a few clients, raise your rates!

Learn all you can, but don’t be intimidated if you don’t have complicated funnels. Just serve people, talk to people, get them results and have faith in yourself! Of course I’m a believer in a coach. A coach can make your business stand tall!

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