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Education and Learning Success: Scott Groza, Founder of Groza Learning Center, on Tutoring and Test Prep Services

Groza Learning Center provides comprehensive tutoring and test prep services for elementary, middle and high school students. Read my interview with founder, Scott Groza, to learn more about their educational success.

Hi! Please tell us about yourself and  your company.

I am an educator with a long term desire to see students succeed in all spheres of their academic pursuits. Groza Learning Center’s objective is to offer personalized academic services in crucial learning areas like tutoring, reading, and test preparation. We target students that attend elementary, middle school and high school. I am happy to say that over the last fifteen years, Groza has transformed into a valuable center of excellence for students from all different backgrounds and schools.

What inspired you to create Groza Learning Center?

My experience as an educator inspired me to establish the Groza Learning Center in Pacific Palisades. I have always wanted to help students experience and enjoy an enriching educational environment, where objectives are consistently achieved. As an educator, I believe it is my duty to make sure we are in a position to meet each student’s individual needs while upholding higher education standards in the wider sense.

Why is it important for students to utilize tutoring and test prep services?

Students enrolled at the Groza Learning Center enjoy learning sessions that target to enhance productivity and efficiency. To achieve these goals, we choose a focused approach to learning and ensured our teaching and administrative staffs remain fully committed to the objectives. The approach involves administering diagnostic tests to identify the student’s areas of weakness. Our unique test prep program incorporates elements like confidence building, motivation, inspiration along with the push to achieve the highest standard of education. The combination helps mitigate stress and other performance impediments, which students experience during exams.

You also have a scholarship that’s due later this year (wonderful). Please tell us more about that.

I am glad you have asked this question. First, the Groza Learning Center Education Scholarship aim is to help students looking to pursue higher education, attaining their goals of advancing their education. This year applicants are asked to express what the word ‘redemption’ means to them and how it has shaped their lives and relations. The winner of the $1000 will be selected in November 2017. Eligible applicants need to be high school students who will graduate in 2018 and have been accepted into an institution of higher learning or those who are currently enrolled in college or university. The deadline for submission is November 30, 2017.

How do you stay ahead of the curve in your industry?

The goal of achieving academic success while instilling hope in students remains our focus. In addition, our highly acclaim educational retreat embodies the philosophy of making learning a fun and inspirational venture. Many students and parents come to us to seek answers regarding various personal academic decisions. I always try my level best to offer sound advice while reinforcing the need for student’s to be independent and self-confident. I believe the best route to approach some of these issues is to be forthright and honest.

Our audience mostly consists of entrepreneurs. If you had to give out any expert tips about entrepreneurship, what would they be and why?

Success is what you make it. Let’s look at it this way; profitability is important to the success of any business enterprise. However, I believe the success of any venture shouldn’t only be defined by parameters like profitability, scale and revenue, but by the value proposition it offers to the larger community. For the entrepreneurs out there looking to formulate success strategies to prop up their businesses, I would like to say stay true to yourself by committing to specific goals which you must work on diligently. My passion has always been to help students enjoy learning and achieve meaningful growth. I love it when we see our students excel and find themselves studying subjects they enjoy with utmost zeal.

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