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By: Calynn M Lawrence

With warmer weather just around the corner, fashion designers are preparing new items for consumers to strut their stuff in come Spring! Things like vibrant monochromatic color palettes, flowy effortless materials and funky florals are some of the upcoming trends for 2019. Well, one of the most creative designers I have personally encountered, Tony Vincente of Rossario George has all that down pat plus some. His new collection features some cutting edge contrast, figure flattering flare and aesthetic allure. Read what he had to say below.

What are the key points that you would like to bring out about your pieces?

This collection is a celebration of Spring/Summer! Gone are the cold and dark that winter brings and in comes the vibrancy of the sun and warmth it brings. I wanted this collection to make its wearer feel fresh and excited as I am that the season of fun has arrived, which is why we went with bold colors and floral patterns.

Rossario George
What made you create this collection?

I love summer and this collection is an ode to that love. I Love the colours that come with summer as all the plants come alive from their slumber. If you couldn’t tell summer is my favorite season and this collection reflects that feeling.

Who or what are some of the common themes throughout?

Vibrancy, freedom and fun!

What do you think consumers will enjoy most?

I think consumers will enjoy the entire collection. FYI this is obviously a taste of what’s to come.

Rossario George

What makes this collection special to you?

It shows where I am in my life and my emotional state. I like many reading this have had obstacles in my life over the years and with each one I gain clarity and strength. This collection is full of life, hope and optimism, much like how I find myself now.

What kind of consumer will be especially interested in these products?

People who like to express themselves through color and patterns. Also lovers of #RGAffordALux.

The reveal happens February 2019 on



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