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Meet Rachel Bowes: Boxing Industry #GirlBoss and Founder of Fight Scene and Bocsio Magazines

Q: Hi, Rachel. Great to meet you. You have gained great success in Wales in the Welsh boxing scene with a magazine called Bocsio being the peoples award for the best boxing press and news site on the market.

You then gained huge notoriety launching Fightscene magazine and website. You’ve worked with many prestigious names in the business such as the authorities WBC, ABO, WABA and BIBA.

You’ve worked with prestigious promoters such as Sanigar, Matchroom, Cage Warriors and Adrenalin, British warriors, Frank Warren, Cyclone Promotions, Big Joe Belgium, Team Rigondeaux, undo boxing, Alex Bailbond, New York and Braehmer Promotoers Germany and have recently been working globally with Adidas with your digital platform.

So, you’ve built very strong foundations but tell me what’s next?


A: Fight Scene aims to be the Authoritative Go To Platform for all Fight Fans, Fighters, Retailers and Public alike, with an unbiased professional view.
We want to provide something for everyone and to become the one stop platform in uniting the competitive Fight Scene, at the same time as providing a solution, one that fits all.

It is very difficult to create unity and momentum in the competitive world of sport due to its nature (and desire for personal gain) and Fight Scene aim to be the Go to Platform for this, uniting and driving this sport and the future of it forward. If people worked towards the same goal the sport would regain the respect and professionalism it deserves. The sport, system, structure and order in my opinion is in desperate need of help and support before it is too late.

We want to support the fighters, and the fight scene in providing solutions to make better the systems, structure and sport.

Personally I would like the Fight Scene to become a worldwide brand in time. I am also looking for 1 or 2 business partners or associates to work with in driving the business forward.


Q: How do you intend to drive more people to your website?

A: Social Media strategies, external marketing methods.


Q: Do you believe boxers get the same support as other sports professionals ? What changes would you like to see?

A: I do not believe the boxers get the same support as other professionals. The sport can be controversial in some ways. Those without a full understanding of the fight scene generally assume it is a highly dangerous sport. It is a lot more popular than people may think, with the general gyms and other outlets now introducing boxing.

There is no denying it is dangerous however there are risks with any sport. We cannot change the nature of it, however we can find solutions in supporting these fighters more, and I understand there are multiple authorities currently working seperatley behind the scenes on the safety and head protection.

There needs to be changes in my opinion in the system, order and structure. Ive already touched on the competitive nature with authorities, gyms, media sites to name a few working against each other.


Q: Do you think you can drive change? How do you intend to?

A: In supporting the Fight Scene as a whole. In providing a solution to the obstacles that are currently faced on an ongoing basis and in many areas.


Q: Do you think it’s hard for a female entrepreneur in the fight sport and being world to make an impact?

A: I think it could be hard for a female entrepreneur to make an impact, however not for me personally.


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