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Interview with Author, Derrick Smith

  • Describe your backstory as a businessman. Where did you start and how did you end up becoming an author?
    • I began my journey into entrepreneurship with an in-home bakery!   I have a culinary background, and used my skills in baking and cake decorating.  I developed a love for veterans through my own military service and started an organization called the Battle Buddies Outreach Center, Inc., a nonprofit foundation that provides transitional housing to homeless veterans in the local community.
    • Being an author was completely the opposite of what I thought I would be doing. I never dreamed that I would be writing books, actually telling my story and conveying messages from God through my writings. It began as small, encouraging posts on Facebook that I called, “Ministry Moment.” I suddenly realized that all of those encouraging words applied to me too! I began saving them and as I began work on my first book, I incorporated them into the manuscript. As my life began to turn more towards the ministry, I started using some of the things I was writing about in Sunday school lessons to gauge the people’s response to what I was saying. I found out that other people were going through the same issues and needed an outlet…writing became my outlet. I never dreamed that it would be published, but two books later, I’m still writing.
  • What are some key points that you want everyone to know about your books/work?
    • The main point that I want to drive home is this…God is able! It doesn’t matter what you face, where you are in life, what you do for a living, or whether or not you fit in. Faith and steadfastness will take you further than ambition! The Bible declares in Habakkuk 2:3, “For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie.  Though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.” We must believe on the Word of God throughout all of life’s calamities, trials, mishaps because at the end, we will win!
    • That is the takeaway from each of my books. That no matter what it looks like, my faith says I’m victorious! My faith says this illness will not kill me! My faith says that I will be wealthy and live a life some people only dream about. My faith says that my marriage will survive. My faith says that I can do all things because God has given me the power to do all things through Him! Suicide can’t win, depression can’t win, financial struggles can’t win, and nothing shall by any means hurt me, because God said it! It doesn’t matter what other people think, I am a winner!
  • What were some of the struggles you faced in creating these books? What lessons did you learn?
    • The biggest struggle I faced was being consistent with writing and trying not to relive those moments! For instance,  The Job Mindset chronicled a very difficult time in my life.  It talks about going through the worst possible experiences (individualized of course) and not giving up. However, writing that book made me relive those moments of despair. Writing that book made me relive the feelings of suicide and wanting to give up on myself and everything else. This book is my personal journal to myself, it is my encouraging work. You know that work that makes you look back and say, “If God was able to bring me through that, then nothing is going to stop me now!” It reminds me of why I can’t allow myself to be deterred.
    • I struggled with Perfectly Flawed: The Super-Glued Marriage also. This book challenged everything I thought I knew about marriage. It wasn’t even supposed to be a book! At the outset, I started with The Marriage Model (a section of the book) as a research paper for my Bachelor’s degree in Religion. This book made me look at marriage from a man’s point of view, but it also made me look at my shortcomings as a husband.    That’s a hard pill for us to swallow as men. We don’t want to admit that we are the reason that our marriages are stuck in a rut, but that’s exactly what this book made me do.
    • It forced me to look at myself. I struggled with keeping what I was writing separate from what I was living. How do you portray one thing, and live another? I struggled with making sure that what I was writing matched my example. Because looking at the book, you will realize that I’m talking about some very deep-seated troubles. I never knew how hard marriage was until I began writing that book! It’s as if God himself said, “Now let me show you what other couples are going through! You’re going to see that what you’ve dealt with pales in comparison!” So I braced myself, and kept writing! I learned more about myself in this process than in anything I have ever undertaken. I learned how to communicate more, how to think about more than just my ambitions. Not so much that it was sole priority, but I learned that in my quest to make sure my family was taken care of; in the quest to provide a better life for us, not to forget them in the process because they are truly what matters. It’s extremely easy to minister to 100 or 200 people, it becomes extremely difficult to minister to the ones closest to you!
  • What are some of your proudest moments as an author?
    • Obviously, one of them was when I actually saw my first title listed for sale on Amazon. It kind of took a little while to realize what I had just accomplished, and it still hasn’t really set in yet…and I hope it never does.       I never desired to be famous, I only wanted to please God with my efforts. Being able to be a part of a one of a kind conference known as the Marriage Matters Conference, the first of its kind in the local community was an awesome experience. Pastors Julius and Patricia Tolbert really made an impact with that conference. For me, being able to see the people, speak to them, and reach them where they were is something I’ll never take for granted.
    • I must say that the proudest moment I have had, was watching my wife snapping a photo of me signing her very own copy of my first book!  Albany has always been my greatest fan and the loudest one in the room (laughing). Even when she didn’t understand what was happening. How could she? I didn’t really understand it either! I just knew that God was doing just what he said he would, taking me into places I never dreamed I would be. Having my wife and son experience this journey with me has been an amazing feeling. Knowing that they support me in this endeavor means the world to me. Knowing that our son Taylor can grow up and say, “I don’t have to do what society tells me I should, because my daddy did something they told him he shouldn’t! I am free to make my own choices in life!” makes the proudest as an author. God allowed me to become an Abraham in his life and provide an excellent role model, and I refuse to let him see me miss the mark! Because I expect nothing less than his best in everything he does, and so I must show him what the best looks like!
  • What are some goals of your for the future?
    • I have a set educational goal. I am currently finishing up my Master of Divinity at Liberty University’s Baptist Theological Seminary and it is my goal to earn my Ph.D. after I finish! I plan to keep writing and one of my main goals for my writing career is to sell a million copies! Farfetched for an author I know, but I have it broken down into stages and I have already completed one phase… I have sold over 100 copies! My next goal is to sell 1,000 and then 100,000 and finally 1,000,000. It can be achieved and by faith and the excellent marketing plan my publicist and I are putting together, it will be! When I finally retire out of the military, I will really ramp up my writing and probably spend the second half of life publishing books. I also want to start my own publishing company to help those that don’t have the necessary funds to publish a book, because let’s face it, it can be cumbersome and expensive to publish a book with a traditional publisher. And so I want to help in that arena.

Derrick Smith Author

  • Who is an inspiration to you?
    • I know that the readers are probably wondering which one of the stars I idolize the most. Who inspires me? I am inspired by my son and I’ll tell you why. My son is the most amazing little person, my wife has done an amazing job at home with him.  He has a razor sharp mind and an even more astounding imagination. But what inspires me the most about him, is that when I look at him, I see the meaning of the teachings of Christ.  Let me explain. The Bible declares in Matthew 18:2-5, “And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them,  And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me”
    • We have to understand that children have the heart of God. Yes, they are born into our sinful nature, but they don’t know any different. They depend on us for everything, and they don’t have that prideful, haughty spirit that plagues society. My son needs me like I need Christ.  He depends on his mother and I like we depend on God. He is humble, and thankful for what he has because it’s all he has…he doesn’t have the self-entitlement of those much older than he is.  What he knows, is that his parents will provide and what we know is that God will provide.       Let’s be clear, his intentions are always genuine and he doesn’t know any deceit. Why does he inspire me so? He inspires me because he reminds me of the mandate placed on my life by Yahweh. He reminds that I cannot fail him, and even when he faces obstacles, I am still his guiding force to navigate them. Yes, he gets upset, but the look of accomplishment on his face afterwards is priceless! That is why he inspires me because he reminds me that I can never give up!
  • Derrick Can be reached at for speaking engagements and product inquiries. You may also view his website at or follow him on Facebook at Minister Derrick L. Smith. Both of his books can be found on Amazon by searching  The Job Mindset or Perfectly Flawed: The Super-Glued Marriage.

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