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David Lubbat is a web development expert based in Houston, Texas. His combined knowledge of software and business enabled him to start a thriving company called Lubbat Development. Since its founding, many notable clients took advantage of the services offered.


David Lubbat went to the University of Houston – Downtown where he obtained a degree related to entrepreneurship and marketing. His passion for software, however, goes a lot deeper than it may seem. Even in his younger years, computers were one of the main things that would always ignite his curiosity. Adding college education and new-founded business expertise only broadened the scope of services he can provide. This is what facilitated the creation of his company.


As a successful businessman, David Lubbat dedicates a lot of time to planning and organization. His day-to-day duties involve things like customer service and employee management. After all, serving a very wide client base includes a lot of correspondence that has to be done regularly. As an employer, Mr. Lubbat does not support enforcing limits on creativity and dictating guidelines for every task. On the contrary, his philosophy is based on the fact that individuals are much more productive when they possess recognized authority.


A positive track record enabled Lubbat Development to work with countless domestic and international customers. The main services they provide are closely tied to HTML, Javascript, and PHP development. The future of the company is based on constant growth as they continue expanding their offering and hiring more qualified professionals.


What do you love about your job the most?

There are so many things I enjoy that it is hard to name only one. When I was younger and even in college, I had some part-time jobs that were not related to what I love doing. Those experiences help me appreciate the fact that I am working with computers for a living even more. I love doing software projects, web development, and interacting with clients. Some days I do not even feel like I am going to work.


How do you stay organized?

I plan ahead of time. In my field, things are bound to go wrong. It is almost like an unwritten rule that some problem will arise when everything may appear seamless. I usually spend some time every day analyzing all my projects and looking for vulnerable areas. That helps me identify the weakness that could cause issues.


Is running a business different than doing web development?

Well, I do both simultaneously. My primary job duty is to do web development so that my business could continue running. Of course, there are things like employee supervision, hiring, client interaction, and so on, but those tend to take less time than the actual client engagements. So, yes it is different, but I never really focus on that.


What do you think helps you stay relevant and profitable?

The key to longevity, in my opinion, is client satisfaction. The things I do generally give birth to long-term partnerships. I mean, someone who has a successful marketing campaign with my company will often come for another one in the future. Thus, being able to deliver high-quality services helps with retention rates that bring in constant streams of revenue.


What skills does someone in this market need to succeed?

Patience is a big one. My business did not become a success until 10 months after I created it. Also, you must yearn to break everything down. Technically, this pertains to any job that deals with computers. To be able to thrive such a complex field, you must find it engaging and entertaining to keep digging until problems are solved. Lastly, when it comes to web development specifically, adaptability is the key. Technology progresses almost daily and keeping up means changing your ways sometimes.


Where do you see yourself in a decade?

I generally avoid thinking too far in the future. If I had to say, I would imagine somewhere in Houston still operating a business that is hopefully doing well.


Do you have any regrets related to your career?

Absolutely. Hindsight is 20/20 and I think there were some business opportunities I should have seized. Nevertheless, I do not dwell on the past much as it distracts from my current goals. Thus, I would not necessarily label them “regrets” but just minor setbacks.


What do you do when you are not working?

I enjoy Houston. One thing that I love about this beautiful city the most is its versatility. On any given week, I can go enjoy a professional football, basketball, or baseball game, visit the space center, tour the zoo, aquarium, or a museum, and much more. I think that Houston is definitely the jewel of Texas where one can do an unimaginably wide range of things.

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